About me


My name is Marcia and I am a 26 years old Portuguese girl.

I moved to Australia in November 2018, before that I was living in London.

At first, I’ve decided to create this blog to show to the Portuguese what they had to do to move to Australia with the Work & Holiday Visa. Now, I am changing my mind and I will do this blog for everyone who wants to see how beautiful the State of Victoria is, which is where I am currently living.

I will be writing about all sorts of posts, as I like to write about what I am feeling.

Please feel free to email me on: marciaustralia@outlook.com or just leave your comments. I would love to be in contact with people from all over the world.

I also have a youtube channel which has the same name as my blog, so please have a look. 🙂

Thank you guys!

~ Márcia